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Your Child's Future Begins Here

Established by the Seventh-day Adventist community in 1964, South Bay Christian School is a private Christian school that welcomes students of all denominations. Studies indicate that students in U.S. Adventist schools perform half a grade higher than the national average, and exhibit strong moral decision-making skills. With over 1.2 million students, 65,000+ teachers, and 6,700+ schools worldwide, Adventist education is the second largest denominational educational system globally. 

Families decide on South Bay Christian School for their child's educational journey for:

  1. Christian values taught. South Bay Christian school prioritizes the integration of faith and values into our academic curriculum and school culture.
  2. Smaller class sizes: We hold class size to a maximum of 25 students with many classes having 10 to 15 students. This allows for more individualized attention and support for students. This can be particularly beneficial for students who may need extra help or who thrive in a more intimate classroom environment.
  3. High academic standards: We believe in having academic standards and hold student’s accountability. We have a strong track record of academic success once students graduate and go to high school.
  4. Friendly, safe, loving, and supportive environment: We prioritize creating a safe and supportive environment for our students, which can include strong disciplinary policies, a focus on character development, and a sense of community and belonging.
  5. Opportunities for service and outreach: Each grade participates in community service projects, with older grades completing a spring mission trip. This provides students with opportunities to develop a sense of social responsibility and to make a positive impact on the world around them.
  6. Affordable tuition as compared to other private schools within the South Bay.
  7. Professional and credentialed teachers
  8. Strong communication between staff, teachers and parents.
  9. Fully accredited by two accreditation organizations.
  10. Social, cultural, educational and fun events held throughout the school year.


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