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House Day Final Results
September 19, 2023

House Colors: Congrats to Penstock and Vlach, who both had 100% participation and won 100 points! McKenzie had 18 out of 19 students participate and won 95 points.  Harty House had 14 out of 16 students participate and won 85 points. 

House Cheers: We scored cheers on creativity, coordination, and energy.  Penstock led the group with the most creative and energetic cheer for 100 points. McKenzie and Harty both won 75 points, and Vlach won 50. 

Sportsmanship: Penstock and Vlach were both awarded 100 points for their sportsmanship. Penstock House worked together very well, while Vlach House showed perseverance in the face of adversity.

Team Spirit: Harty and McKenzie were both awarded points for team spirit. Judges noted them cheering on their housemates enthusiastically from the sidelines. 

Final results for our first House Day: 

Penstock led the day with 300 points. 

McKenzie came in second place with 265

Harty and Vlach were close behind at 260 and 250, respectively. 

A big thanks to our Head of House Teachers and Volunteers, to our student leaders, and to all house participants for making our first House Day a success! 

To see current House totals, bookmark House Total Points. McKenzie is holding the lead, but we have 4 weeks until the end of the quarter and several ways to earn House Points.  

Remember: Quarter winners generally get a bonus Free Dress Card. The End-of-the-Year winners get a pizza and ice cream party.

Buy a House shirt, sweater, hat, or other accessory and support our school. All proceeds go to support House Events. 

Selection is occasionally updated. 

About Our Houses

Named after Mr. George Harty, a principal at South Bay in the 70s

Harty has distinguished itself as an easy-going, yet hardworking house.  Our 2022-2023 House Winners!

Head Girl: Mia D.

Named for Mr. Floyd Penstock, a principal who rode a gold wing Honda motorcycle to school

Penstock has distinguished itself as a competitive and athletic house. 

Head Girl: Aubrielle C. 

Named after Dr. L. Roo McKenzie, a principal known for jumping rope with students during recess

McKenzie has distinguished itself as a very fun and creative house. 

Head Girl: Brooke J.

Renamed to honor Mrs. Susan Vlach, a recent principal who served South Bay for 34 years

Vlach has distinguished itself as a very helpful and academic house.

Head Boy: Owen J. 

About the House System

Modeled on the United Kingdom educational system, the House System gives us a fun way to accomplish several important things on campus:

Student Leadership

7th and 8th graders take leadership roles, with 6th graders as leaders-in-training

Peer Mentoring

Houses include students from Kinder to 8th, with older students watching out for younger ones

Team Building

Developing school spirit and a sense of belonging

Healthy Competition

By earning team points for academic, athletic, creative accomplishments and participation