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November 12, 2023

Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful Veteran's Day Program. My brother, Ruben Escalante, a Captain in the Air Force Reserve, came and gave a special message about service. The Mayor of Torrance recognized the Veterans in attendance and students presented the Veterans with cards and other special gifts. 

It’s always wonderful when we can celebrate these special days with the community. 

Here are the announcements for the coming weeks:

Spirit Week, November 13 -17

Spirit Week starts on Monday! Students win points from their Houses for participating.  

While participating in Spirit Week, any fun outfits need to still follow the Free Dress Day guidelines provided in the student handbook.

Students not participating need to be uniform. 

Festival of Giving and Thanksgiving

This year, Houses are decorating their tables with donated food for a local food bank. 

Students are asked to bring their contributions throughout the week and give them to their House Teacher. At the end of the week, Houses will assemble all their donated food in the gym during a special Thanksgiving program. 

Math Lab for Everyone

Starting this week, all students are asked to check in with Math Lab before going to Team Sports. 

Mrs. Johnston will teach 5th and 6th Math Lab and Mr. Watkins will teach 7th and 8th Math Lab.  Our goal is that more students will have access to the additional support needed to thrive in Math class. 

New Treasure Verses

Please encourage your child to start practicing their new Treasure Verses right away. This week’s verses are Galatians 6:7 NLT and Psalm 27:11 NLT (all verses are included in this link). The quiz will be at the end of the unit. 

Students can still make up past Treasure Verses anytime they are ready. They only need to ask. The most important thing is that students learn these valuable verses. 

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Birthdays:

More announcements in the Remind App coming next week!  Sign up today, if you haven’t already. 

Blessings Always, 

Amanda Johnston
South Bay Christian School
Middle School Principal

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Treasure Verses

Students practice their Treasure Verses in class and at home. There will be a quiz at the end of the Unit. Students can make up a quiz they did poorly on.

Curriculum Summary

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