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April 12, 2024

Dear Parents,

This is the SECOND Weekly update this week. Find previous versions on the Middle School Weekly Update Archive to see if you’ve missed any, and keep up to date. I also send notifications on the Remind App when I email a new update. 

Upcoming In-Person Washington D.C. Meeting (7th & 8th Parents and Students required)

On Sunday, April 14, at 4 PM, we are asking that all students attending Washington D.C. and their parents attend this mandatory, in-person meeting in the Science Room to discuss final details regarding the trip. If you cannot attend, please speak with Mrs. Johnston as soon as possible. 

Middle School Business Fair

Several students showed an interest in Entrepreneurship, so we are hosting the first-ever Middle School Business Fair!  This completely optional, non-graded event is part of the Life Skills Class and is meant to encourage students to explore various careers and how their education can help them in the future. This introduction to starting a business focuses on advertising and making a profit. 

The goal is for each business to turn a profit. So, if your child is asking for help, provide a modest investment for supplies and help them figure out the best price point for covering their expenses. 

Talent Show

Mrs. Dahl is already previewing acts for the upcoming Talent show on May 16. There are a wide variety of acts that have been shared at previous shows, such as videos of hobbies in filmmaking, building, and horseback riding, as well as live performances of music or dance numbers. Let us know your talent!  

Church Visits

A copy of the school-wide message about Church Visits is included at the bottom of this message. However, a more House-Specific email or letter will be going home next week with more details. Ask your child what they have volunteered to help with for the service. Here is a quick summary:

L.A. County Fair, Thursday, May 9: Looking for 5 - 7 Parent Drivers!

Treasure Verses

Here are the verses for April. One new verse will be assigned each week, with a quiz every Friday: (4/12) John 13:34-35 NLT; (4/19) Philippians 4:6-7 NLT; (4/26) John 15:8 NLT; EC: Galatians 5:22-23 NLT

Upcoming Events:

Upcoming Birthdays:

Have I mentioned a lot is happening between now and the end of the year? Please continue to reach out via Remind or email if more information is needed!  Your questions help me know what to include in the next update. 

If you still need links for the Remind App: 5th/6th Grade Class: rmd.at/636kdg ; 7th/8th Grade Class: rmd.at/f24hhfh

Re: Church Visits

Dear Parents, 

This year, each House adopted of one the churches that sponsor South Bay Christian School. Houses sent a homemade poster and gift. Pastors have visited and prayed for us. Next, we like to schedule a church visit. Students have been preparing for months. After talking with the pastors, here are the requested dates. We hope as many of the House members as possible can attend. 

Harty: April 27

South Bay SDA Church (11:30 am)

401 S. Prospect Ave., Redondo Beach, CA

McKenzie: April 27

Gardena Genesis SDA Church (10:30 am)

Gardena Japanese SDA Church(11:00 am)

16113 Denker Ave., Gardna, CA

Penstock: April 27

Long Beach SDA Church (11:00 am)

1001 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, CA

Vlach: May 11

Rolling Hills SDA Church (11:00 am)

28340 Highridge Rd., Rolling Hills Estates, CA

More details will come from House Teachers and Leaders regarding dress code, arrival time, and whether or not your church will provide lunch following the service. 

For now, please Save-The-Date!  Hope to see you there. 

Renaissance Learning (AR Reading and Quizzes)

Remind App Links: 

5th/6th Grade Class: rmd.at/636kdg

7th/8th Grade Class: rmd.at/f24hhfh

Treasure Verses

Students practice their Treasure Verses in class and at home. There will be a quiz EVERY FRIDAY. Students can make up a quiz they did poorly on.

Curriculum Summary

Feel free to look at a quick overview of our Middle School Curriculum. This document includes the grading scale for each core subject and textbooks used.  A broad outline of units and class schedule may be included, depending on the class. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.