7th/8th Washington D.C. Trip

7th/8th Grade Class Trip Updates

October 30 Update

Hello Parents!  

Bookmark the 7th/8th Grade Class Trip Page for the most recent information regarding the trip. 

It is almost November and our fundraising goal for the month is to reach $20,000! We have 2 big, can’t-miss events this month to help us reach that goal.

Letter Writing Campaign: November 9 at 5:30 PM
   Mandatory Event for all students.
    Coordinators: Amanda Johnston and Pastor Jenson

Download THIS TEMPLATE for your 20-25 addresses for family members or family friends who might be interested in supporting a trip to Washington D.C. Share your completed list with me BEFORE the event. 

This fundraiser is different than the other ones, in that funds go first toward your $2000, then toward your $760 balance. Any funds raised in excess of your balance will go to the general fundraising total. Chaperones, after your child is covered, funds can also be applied to your balance, if requested.

Dodgeball Tournament Gym Night & Snack Bar: November 25
(Fourth Saturday night, not third)
    Mandatory Event for all students.
    Coordinator: Sylvia Jones

This fun idea can be hugely successful IF we properly prepare and advertise. Based on the survey, I know that Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Wang, and Gracie are willing to volunteer. We could use a few more volunteers to help plan, and then EVERYONE’s help to advertise the Tournament. We will be posting our promotional flyers on our trip website this week. 

Silent Auction
Do you know of a business or person who would be willing to donate something we could auction? If you have ideas, let me know. If we can gather enough interest, we can move forward with this event, either coordinated with the African Children's Concert or the SBCS Christmas Program. 

Here is a list of other scheduled fundraisers. If you would like to volunteer, please let me or the coordinator know. 

Sign up at shopfund.com and share your link with family and friends to earn funds.

November 7 Coordinator:  Silvia Hernandez-Jones

A big thank you to our coordinators. They will still need student and parent volunteers. Please volunteer for at least one of the events. 

Students are encouraged to participate in every event they can. Parents are asked to volunteer for at least 1 event a month. The more we volunteer the less the burden falls on only a few. Thank you all for your help in raising the $50,000 for all of us to go to Washington D.C.

Blessings Always,

Amanda Johnston 

October 23 Udpate

Dear Parents,

Things are moving quickly for the Washington D.C. Trip! Our first two fundraisers are done, and we have made over $1,600 already!  However, we need to keep looking forward to our next fundraising events. 

Some important things to make note of (please read the full email): 

So, we have an ambitious fundraising schedule ahead of us. We need to walk a delicate line between focusing on a few key events and taking as many opportunities as possible without burning out our volunteers. We have some big events coming in November, some of which are mandatory for students.

Upcoming Fundraising Options:

If you would like to be a coordinator or volunteer, please reply to this email and let me know specifically which events you would like to help with. I will keep the 7th/8th Grade Class Trip page updated with information sent via email or discussed in meetings. 

Thank you all for your participation so far. We are asking that students be involved in as many fundraising events as possible and that parents participate in at least 1 event a month. If we share the burden, it will keep it from getting too heavy on a core few. Please add the dates to your calendar so you can spread the word, even if you can’t participate. 

In the future, I will add a “Washington D.C. Update” to the bottom of our Weekly Updates as well as update the Class Trip Page. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions, suggestions, or want to volunteer for an event. 

Blessings Always,

Amanda Johnston
South Bay Christian School
Middle School Principal

Promotional Material

Or Download one of these flyers: 

Email ajohnston@sbchristian.com to request other language translations, if needed.