Viva Student
Food Service

Food Service at South Bay Christian School

South Bay Christian School contracts with Viva Student Food Service to provide healthy breakfast, lunch and snack options for students, faculty and staff.  Viva Student Food Service is a Southern California-based food service provider dedicated to the needs of private and charter schools. Viva is pleased to be the provider of healthy, delicious food for your children prepared daily throughout the school year on campus or at our facility Viva understands children are still developing physically, and the food they consume during their stay in school plays a big role in maintaining not only their growing bodies but maturing minds.  

Viva Student Food Services utilizes a robust, secure online ordering system solution for the benefit of the school, parents and students.  All the accounting work is done online eliminating excessive paperwork and creating key reporting data for parents and administrators.  With Viva Student Food Service you can expect professional personalized service with a focus to detail for your students needs. 

To create an account for your student through Viva Student Food Service visit:

All funds posted to the student account will be recorded and available for use after 24-hours. Be sure to keep updated on your student account balance so your child has funds available when purchasing items at the school cafeteria. 

Students can purchase breakfast items, pre-ordered entrees or buy food items from the a-la-cart menu for lunch and
snacks on the day of.

If you have questions please connect with Viva Student Food Service directly at

May 2024 Entree Menu - Pre-order required 24 hours in advance.

2024 SBC School May Prepid Menu.docx