Social-Emotional Learning

Conscious Discipline

This Social Emotional Framework emphasizes self-regulation and self-control over punishment.  We are working to update our School Handbook to consider these core principles as we roll out new coping skills and classroom management approaches. 

Peer Mediation

The peer mediation program used at South Bay Junior Academy empowers students by teaching them skills and processes to resolve conflict peacefully. Individuals learn how to use conflict scenarios to build positive relationships with others. Non-violent, constructive, cooperative, WIN/WIN solutions to a problem are negotiated. Agreements are made which are mutually acceptable to all parties concerned. When implemented as a whole-school program, it has a positive impact not only on students, teachers, and parents but also on the wider school community.

Other schools that have successfully implemented the program report that 80-85% of minor disputes are settled permanently by peer mediators helping to make the school environment (both playground and classroom) happier, safer, and more peaceful. Students are providing a service for other students as “peacekeepers.” They are modeling negotiation and leadership skills and processes, which will last a lifetime and are readily transferable to the home, workplace, community, etc.

To learn more about the peer mediation program used at South Bay Christian School, please visit: Cool Schools Peer Mediation Programme