Second Grade

Homework for the Week of 9/11/23

Bible–Each child will be expected to tell me this verse on Friday.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control. There is no law against these things.”

Galatians 5:22-23

Spelling Unit 2

The words are: she, he, got, see, bee, queen, hive, sting, fly, buzz. The Spelling Test will be next Friday, September 22nd.

Math–The math homework is always due the following day.

Monday: Practice Lesson 1.6

Tuesday: Practice Lesson 1.7

Wednesday: Practice Lesson 1.8

Thursday: Practice Lesson 1.9

Reading Log

The students will be expected to read for at least 40 minutes this week, and to document their reading on a log.  The log will be due this Friday.


This Friday will be Jeans Day.  The students may bring in $5.00 dollars to wear jeans and a free dress shirt and shoes instead of chapel clothes.  This is not a fundraiser for the school, but an opportunity to support a cause to make our world a better place.  This time we are raising money for Maui through ADRA.  Jean’s Day is optional.  If you choose not to participate just have your child come in chapel clothes as usual.  We will support your decision either way.

 Frequently asked Questions about Reading Logs

Can my child read the same book each night and log it as many days as needed?  Yes, some students are acquiring fluent reading skills and need to read their A.R. book several times.  This may take time, and it is okay to log the book over several days until your child is ready to bring the book back to class to quiz on it.  Also, chapter books take time to read, and would need to be logged over several days.

What if our child didn’t have time to read one night?  Then still sign the parent portion for that night and write in that there was no time to read. Have your child read extra the next night or the next few nights to meet the reading goal requirement for that week. It is best to read a little bit each night, but life happens.

What if my child forgot to turn in their log on Friday?  Have them bring it to school on Monday. This should happen only occasionally. Also, if the log did not make it home, please text me in Remind to send home another one.

What if my child forgot to bring home their A.R. book?  Have them read any book you have for them at home.  I have even had students log in their Bible reading, Sabbath School Lessons, etc.

Should I fill in the log or my child?  It is best to get your child in the habit of filling in their own logs.  You should just sign to indicate you checked their work for accurate time.  On rare occasions there have been students for whom printing on the logs is taking too long each night because printing in general is hard for them.  If that is the case for your child, please do let me know.