Third and Fourth Grade

Grades Three and Four

South Bay Christian School

Our theme for the school year is "Growing in God's Love".  School is all about growing in all areas with our minds, our bodies, our friends, our characters, and our relationship with Jesus.

We will understand our school mission and vision statements through the Bible verse Micah 6:8 that teaches us to ACT justly, to LOVE mercy, and to WALK humbly with God. 

SBCS Grades 3&4

Date: 05/20/2024 ~ Homework Page




 3rd Grade Math - Lesson 10.5 Practice and Homework

4th Grade Math - Lesson 9.5 Practice and Homework


3rd Grade Math - Mid Chapter Checkpoint in class

4th Grade Math - Mid Chapter Checkpoint in class

Study your Memory Verse and Lesson 25 Spelling Test

Practice your Recorder for 10 minutes

Read for 20 minutes minimum.  Record on Thursday on your Reading Log. 

Spelling Lesson 25

3rd- phone, photograph, orphan, alphabet, graph, nephew, enough, father, half, Friday, cough, unhappy, happier, happily, happiness

4th- lazy, volcano, flavor, piano, recent, really, item, pilot, triangle, climate, gigantic, program, obey, puny, prepare, vacant, pulley, menu

 Memory Verse~ I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.  Psalm 139:14

Hi Parents,

Our Talent Show last Thursday evening reminded me that there are so many talents given to us by God.  What a pleasure it was to watch our students share their creative interests and passions!  It was an enriching evening to be sure.  Thanks to all who participated and to Ms. Dahl for organizing the event.  

 The office sent an information sheet on Friday so we can be ready for the Color Run this Friday. All students will run from 10:00 to 11:00.  SBCS is SO grateful for your help and support! Please let me know if you are able to be here Friday morning, May 24, to help out and help make this event a success and memorable for our students.

Students are encouraged to keep their homework page in their folder inside their backpack providing access  at home and at school as needed.  The Homework Page can also be found on the Teacher Pages on our school website. 

Check out the Seabreeze and the school calendar for the latest information on upcoming events. 

 Have a great week! 

Kirsten Born


Our Daily Schedule Grades 3 and 4

8:30 Worship and morning seat work

9:00 Math

10:20 Snack and PE

10:50  Language Arts

11:45 Lunch

12:30 Science/Social Studies

1:30 Afternoon Recess

1:50 Bible

2:30 Reading and AR

3:20 Dismiss with Prayer

Friday Schedule

8:30 Math

9:15 Chapel

10:00  Snack and Recess

10:15 Language Arts

11:00 Art

12:20 Dismiss with prayer