Parent Testimonials

South Bay Christian School was previously known as South Bay Jr. Academy.

We sent our 3 daughters to SBJA from K-10. We sent 2 of them to the preschool as well. They had great caring teachers, strong academics, a good spiritual atmosphere, made great friends and learned how to make a difference in this world through service. Two of them have gone on to become teachers themselves, in large part because of the excellent role model of the teachers they had at SBJA and the amazing positive influence of the principal. We were very pleased with the top notch education that our children received! We were delighted that they had such a positive, safe Christian environment to be nurtured in. We highly recommend this school to anyone considering a private, Christian education for their child or children.

–Submitted by SBJA Parent

We enrolled our son in South Bay Jr. Academy (SBJA) in the 1st grade and he is still there today, now in the 7th grade. Why SBJA? After exhaustive research, we decided on this school over others for many reasons: It is close to home; the tuition is reasonable for a private school; before and after daycare are provided (great for us working parents); the class sizes are good (not like some local public schools); the campus is well-maintained; the principal is enthusiastic and innovative (there are monthly parenting meetings that are always informative topics like how to keep your child safe online, how your child s brain affects learning styles and preferences, etc.; the teachers are kind, caring, and effective; and we wanted him in a Christian environment where he could learn about God age-appropriately on a daily basis. Why have we kept our child at SBJA? Because he is HAPPY. Period. In the end, that s what matters most to me. Is SBJA right for your child? Only you can determine that. What I can tell you is that if you don t at least take a school tour and explore this option, you child may be losing out on one of the best opportunities her or she will ever have.

–Submitted by SBJA Parent

South Bay Jr Academy in Torrance was our choice for our daughter from K through 8th grade. We appreciated that most teachers have longevity with the school and are experienced teachers. The newer teachers have had more contemporary instruction and so the blend was comprehensive. I love that the class sizes were small enough so that each teacher new my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and understood her individuality. The principal has an understanding of age appropriate instruction and this is included in instruction. My daughter was well prepared for high-school yet not overwhelmed with homework like I hear happens in some schools. I loved the feeling of community and got to know other parents of the students my daughter socialized with. The environment felt safe. There is a no tolerance policy about bullies. Overall It felt like family which made it very hard to leave the school. I would definitely recommend SBJA to anyone considering a private elementary and middle school in the South Bay.

–Submitted by SBJA Parent

A Student Testimonial